Our Focus

Work Areas

Our Key Work Areas

  • Food Systems and Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture 
  • Maternal Nutrition
  • Infant and Young Child Nutrition
  • Adolescent Nutrition 
  • Primary Health Care
  • Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Rigorous policy and programmatic reviews
  • Development Research, Assessments and Surveys 
  • Decision Science Tools and Digital Innovations
  • Leadership Dialogues
  • Technical Consultations
  • Strategic Networking 
  • Deploying Strategic Communication Models

Facilitate and support the building of leadership skills and capabilities through a variety of models, mechanisms and platforms to enhance food systems, nutrition and public health impact

Strengthen engagement with relevant communities and domains for impactful development

What we do

Joining and converging voices at multiple levels spanning the political, business and philanthropy communities to amplify and elevate engagement around the issues of food, nutrition and public health inequities in Africa.

Mobilize to increase recognition, access and convergence of the appropriate technical expertise at all levels and relevant sectors towards addressing the most critical socio-political determinants of food, nutrition and public health inequities in Africa

Support and facilitate the mobilization of finance and other relevant assets through regular and innovative mechanisms towards reducing food, nutrition and public health inequities in Africa

Support and facilitate appropriate Leadership Development for short, medium to long term capacity building for sustainable reduction of food, nutrition and public health inequities

Initiate, sustain, support and facilitate impactful engagement with relevant development communities at all levels (community members and leaders, immediate supporting networks of stakeholders, government, private sector, donor, philanthropy, and civil society stakeholders) towards reducing food, nutrition and public health inequities across Africa.

We work to achieve

Support government and various development organizations to better articulate and execute impactful policies and strategies. One of the greatest challenges with the African public sector is that while many well-crafted policies exist, many are most often poorly executed. Issues related to political will, accountability, stakeholder engagement and adoption, relevant capacities, measurements and progress tracking, and financing are usually contributory.

We will support policy and strategy development processes with impactful execution in mind working with the responsible organizations. We will think through, follow through, match scale with time and resources with a strong blend of hope, realism and innovation.

Key elements of our efforts will include facilitating and collaborating with critical stakeholders around developing and deploying appropriate accountability tools, processes and mechanisms, public awareness, engagement and civil society actions, measurements and progress tracking; identifying and addressing technical capacity gaps.

We will support and facilitate actions and mechanisms for improved
financing for transformative food systems, nutrition and public health priorities within the context of ‘More Money for Nutrition, More Nutrition for the Money’ along the continuum of Allocate, Release, Spend and Account.

Our efforts will cover impactful advocacy, fund raising, facilitating funded project support, and assisting with financing related governance and partnership related needs.

We will support and facilitate with tools, processes, mechanisms and resources that will help in bridging identified and necessary technical capacity gaps

We agree with the expressed position that ‘leadership is perhaps the most critical element in the battle against malnutrition and poor basic health conditions and that without insightful, precise and powerful leadership, change cannot happen in any effective way, and local leadership must be empowered to close the nutrition gap’. We will support and facilitate leadership development initiatives through new and established partnerships.

  • Communities of residence
  • Private sector
  • Public sector stakeholders
  • Philanthropy
  • Civil Society